KanJam leagues are a great way to meet other jammers, have fun, and improve skills. There are plenty of leagues that hold weekly or bi-weekly meetings. But if you can't find a league in your area, just start your own league!

Shown: Buffalo, NY KanJam League
Longest running organized league, is in their 14th season.

This page is a work in progress as we shift our focus to other KanJam updates, but we hope to post some more leagues in the future. 

Buffalo, NY League

This is the first ever organized KanJam league and the longest running. The league takes place indoors during the fall/winter in Buffalo, NY. They are currently in their 13th season.
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Rochester, NY League

This is a league that began in the spring/summer of 2014. If you are in the area and are interested in joining for a future season, please visit their league page for more information.
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