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2019 KanJam World Championship Results

2019 KanJam World Champions

2019 Kanjam WORLD Champions

Young Guns
Charles Rizzo & Ajay Cybulski

Young Guns capture second title in three years


The 2019 KanJam World Championship took place on Saturday, August 10th at Gratwick Hose Picnic Grounds in North Tonawanda, NY. On a picture perfect day, exactly 85 teams competed in the 21st annual tournament, including players spanning 16 different states, Canada, and Europe.

Young Guns, composed of Charles Rizzo and Ajay Cybulski, made history as the first ever team to go undefeated in Regular Season play with a record of 21-0.

A couple of other first time occurrences: Serenity Now, composed of Tim & Dan Klavoon, became the first team to win a playoff series in the World Championship after trailing 3-0, winning four straight against Hammer Slammers to make the comeback. And for the first time, the Final 4 was comprised of all World Champion teams: Team Domination (Mark Lopian & Bryan Irish-Jones, 2-time), Young Guns (2017), Stallion Survivors (Eric Klavoon & Jon Sandino, 2-time), and Matteson Brothers (Austin Matteson & Connor Matteson, 2-time).

In the Final 4, after tying up the series at 1-1, Young Guns won the next three games to defeat Team Domination. In the other series, Matteson Brothers won the first game, but Stallion Survivors came back to win the next four in a row to knock out the defending champs.

In the World Championship Finals, Young Guns won Game 1 by a score of 21-15. Stallion Survivors rebounded to win Game 2 in triple overtime. But Young Guns caught a groove, winning the next three games, including two of them also in overtime, to claim their second KanJam world title. They join the other three active teams from the Final 4, all four teams now with two World titles.

2019 KanJam World Championship - Playoff Bracket

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2019 KanJam World Championship - American KanJam Conference

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2019 KanJam World Championship - National KanJam Conference

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