2020 World Championship

2020 KanJam World Championship

Without a question, the KanJam World Championship tournament is the biggest KanJam event of the year. The tournament has been running strong for over 20 years, and is something that many KanJam players look forward to every year.

Given the current situation regarding COVID-19, we made the decision to postpone the 2020 KanJam World Championship for the time being until we have a plan in place.


2020 KanJam World Championship


At this point, it is unknown. While we’d love to keep the tradition of having an August tournament, we will need to wait until we get closer to make a decision on an actual date and venue.

One thing we have decided is that the tournament will no longer take place in Richmond, VA this year. This was a tough decision as we already had several months of planning into what was going to be a fantastic weekend, but the reality is we would not be successful in pulling off a tournament of this caliber in a different location in 2020. We apologize to those that did already make plans for it, but we do plan on Richmond for 2021. If we are to have any tournament this year, it will need to come together very quickly, and this will need to be in Buffalo, NY where a majority of our staff, players, and community are located.

KanJam World Championship Golden Hammer Trophy


Assuming we are able to hold the 2020 KanJam World Championship this year, we will likely need to scale back on what we normally do and potentially alter the format. We will take all necessary precautions to ensure a safe event for everyone’s health and safety.

One idea we had was to provide brand new KanJam discs for each team. Rather than leave discs at their respective courts, each team would only use their own team disc in game play. We will be temporarily changing this rule for 2020, as we think this is a great way to minimize contact. KanJam is already a safe game to play with players separated on the court since only one team goes at once, but this further helps the cause.

We still want to have a Regular Season and Playoffs – that part will not change. How we do that will likely be different, however, which could also include scorekeeping.

Instead of having all teams playing together at the same time, we may have different locations for conferences/divisions to limit the number of people at any given area. This is something we still have to figure out logistics for, so this is really just an idea at this point. This will also depend on state rules for events, and we will following any guidelines they set in place.

KanJam World Championship

Normally at this time of year we are starting team registration, but we need to wait this one out until we are certain we have a safe plan in place for everyone involved. We are still committed to crowning a 2020 KanJam World Champion at some point this year, and we hope you will be there when we do. Until then, please stay safe and healthy. For any major updates, we will update this page here and on our social media channels.

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