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KanJam Klassic

Back in 2004, another major KanJam tournament was started. This tournament was originally known as the KanJam Winter Klassic. This was later renamed to the KanJam Klassic, since the tournament is now primarily being held in the spring. Like the World Championship, the KanJam Klassic follows a similar format and draws in top players. Over the years, the tournament has been held at three different facilities -- Sportsplex (North Tonawanda, NY), Kenan Center Arena (Lockport, NY), and Sahlen Sports Park (Elma, NY).

Approximately 30 teams each year compete in the KanJam Klassic. This tournament is approximately four to five hours, and usually takes place in the spring. Unlike the World Championship, this has always been an indoor tournament, and is hosted by KanJam League. The winning team is crowned as the KanJam Klassic Champions and get to have their name carved onto the Klassic "Hammer" trophy. This is also an event where all proceeds benefit a specific charity each year.

KanJam Klassic

Saturday, May 4th, 2019

Results are in from the 2019 KanJam Klassic! Click on the link below to find out who won and view official team ranks.

2019 KanJam Klassic logo


The KanJam Klassic is the second-longest running KanJam tournament, only behind the KanJam World Championship. It is considered one of the toughest KanJam tournaments because it usually features a smaller group of high-level teams in an indoor environment.

As a major tournament, the Klassic follows the tradition of the World Championship, in that the winning team receives "The Hammer" trophy. Over the years, there have been some great players and teams that have etched their names into Klassic history, some of which have won the tournament multiple times. Check out the section below.

KanJam Klassic History

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